Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Today I begin what will be a month long topic. Now, I know what most of you are thinking, "That's great, but you only blog about once a month." I'm really going to try to blog two times a week. Yes, you heard it here first ~ two times a week. They aren't always going to be profound, earth shattering, life changing blogs (ha ha!) but I will try to put words out more regularly.


It is my FAVORITE word. I have it all over the place. Plaques, signs, jewelry, ornaments, you name it. I surround myself with the word "Believe."

Now, I have to lay down some foundational groundwork here that is somewhat of a touchy subject. It's about God. I "believe" in God, but I don't "believe" in religion. Hm. That is to say that religion is not for me. If it's for you, I am really happy for you. It's just not for me. Don't want to get too deep into this topic. I hope that's enough.

The reason I explain that, is because believe is usually a word associated with religion. You see it a lot this time of year, "Believe in the miracle of Christ," and of course, "Believe in Santa."

And although those are great applications of the word, they aren't why I became a fan.

Here's what it means to me ~

Believe in miracles (wherever you think they come from)

Believe in each other.

Believe in yourself.


Douglas said...

As for my family and I we agree with you about the religion thing. It's more like a relationship we seek. It's more personal.

Love the Pics of Luke.

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