Dear Readers, please excuse this ugly format. It's the only one I could use to make my video work. Next posting I'll go back to normal!

OK, I know my posts are supposed to be about you know, the journey of raising a special needs child. But this week my friends, it's about.......

Holy $hit! The walk is 6 days away!

You see, I've spent about one billion, 4 hundred and sixty two hours planning this walk. Give or take.

Phew... it's a lot of work! And if you've read my previous blogs, you'll know that I've had some moments in this journey where I've questioned... ummmmm motivation. Let's not open that can of worms again, OK?

And you know what I just realized? I AM writing about the journey of being the parent of a special needs child.

THIS is part of the journey.

Putting it out there. Letting go of the fear that people are going to judge you or your child, standing up and saying, "I'm a part of this!" and spreading the word. Because no one.......... and I mean NO ONE knows more about this journey than you do. So if you are reading this blog and your child has a special need that you're afraid or even embarrassed to talk about........ I'm here to tell you....

Get your ass out of the closet.

Because even though it's scary, and even though you might be afraid, you never know when YOUR story could be the inspiration to someone else.

And if you help ONE PERSON, or ONE FAMILY, or ONE CHILD then you have made a difference.

No one's saying you need to chair a walk (no really, it's not recommended). No one's saying you need to start a support group (although that is a good idea), no one's even saying you need to blog about it. But talk about it. Stand up. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll make someone else feel.

And how much better YOU'LL feel.

Do you know how many people I meet in a given week that DO NOT KNOW WHAT AUTISM IS?????????????

A study was released this week that the numbers have changed. 1 in 91. One out of every 91 children are diagnosed on the autism spectrum. And I meet people every day, who don't know what autism is. And that scares the hell out of me.

So I'm not going to be quiet about it. And I hope you won't either. Because the only way to educate people about what autism is, or about what living with special needs in general really means, is if we talk about it.

A lot.

Autism is when you stand strong and proud with thousands of other people on October 17 and say, "we're all in this together." So I hope you'll walk alongside me on October 17 and every other day of this journey...even if it's just virtually.

Hey all! I just got news from Clear Channel radio in Nashville that a platter I left there in March has been signed by:
Jordin Sparks
Honor Society
Cobra Starship
Tina Parol
Trey Songz
Plain White T's
Charlie Wilson
Jessie James
The Offspring
The Veronicas
Gavin DeGraw
Family Force 5
Safety Suit
Elliott Yamin
The Dream
Saving Abel
John Legend
Matt Nathanson
Thriving Ivory
Metro Station
Secondhand Serenade

I am raffling this baby off at the walk on Saturday. Tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $10 with 100% of proceeds going to Luke's team. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing tickets. I will MATCH anyone who purchases a ticket(s) from reading this blog. YOU HEARD ME!