I love to copy other people's genius!

Several months ago, my BFF and I were on the phone in two different states scanning fabulous websites for great crafting ideas. We stumbled upon the site UCREATE, which is the absolute SHIZ BOT of creative genius. We were screaming on the phone to each other..."LOOK AT THIS!" "OMGOSH Look at THAT!!!" Sooooooooooooooo many creative ideas, so little time.

One of my fave projects was this one found here.

Some pretty fabulous wall decor, no?

Yeah, I thought so too.

In a quick nutshell, it's MDF covered with scrapbook paper. SWEAR. Click the link above for the full blown tutorial. Until then, here's my version, which was the PERFECT addition to my newly painted bonus room walls!

Not bad for a $22 project, eh?

I wanted an autism awareness shirt that wasn't butt ugly. 
So I made my own.  And a lot of people started asking about them.
So I made a bunch and now I sell them on etsy.
For the month of April, they are just $10!
World, WORLD Autism Awareness Day is April 2.  Are you ready to show your pride?

Click the orange etsy button  to zoom right to my etsy store!

PS I'm pretty excited about adding a "page" to my blog.  Did you notice my header now says, "and a few other things too?"  Now I have a place to put, "a few other things!!!!"  But you can always click "home" to get back to the meat and potatoes of my blog!  Thanks for visiting!