Monday, March 29, 2010

Are you ready................

I've been neglecting my blog duties.


Can't help it, y'all! The sun is shining... there are weeds to be pulled and worms to be had.

Luke thinks worms are cute. And I think Luke is pretty cute. So we dig for worms together.

Today is Monday, which means that in just a few short days, World Autism Awareness Day will be upon us.

Did you know that there are only 3 "world" days recognized by the UN? Autism being one of them? Kinda cool. Sorta. I mean, sucks that we NEED a day but kinda cool that autism is one of only 3.

Anyway, I digress. Are you ready?

Autism Speaks is sponsoring a "Light it up Blue" campaign. (You may have noticed the ginormous sidebar?) The EMPIRE STATE BUILDING is going to be lit up blue on April 1. Wow. That's a lot of lightbulbs. I bought ONE lightbulb. I'll be lighting up my house blue, will you?

What about your autism gear? Got a tshirt? No? Well, you should have ordered one from my etsy store! Nonetheless WEAR BLUE on Friday if you have nothing else!!!!

Got your jewelry?

Got your pins?

Got your shoes? NO? That's cuz I made these... they are one of a kind my friends. But admit they are awesome!

Here's the thing. I don't care how you do it. But show your AUTISM PRIDE on Friday. THIS FRIDAY, April 2. Go to the dollar store and buy a puzzle. Tape said puzzle pieces to a tshirt. Just show your support. Show your pride. Please. Take a sharpie and write on a tshirt, "I love someone with autism." or............ "I support someone with autism." or............. "I support someone who loves someone with autism." I mean, whatever. Do your thing.

Because WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY is so that we can all stand together... because we are SO not alone.

Oh, did I mention how I'll be spending World Autism Awareness Day?

With Temple Grandin.

Go me!


Melissa said...

Cool shoes, April! Crafty queen! Lordy, eat your heart out Martha!

Marcy said...

I will be lighting our home up with a blue bulb as well for World Autism Day. I happen to have one on hand from the Christmas season!!

The Shoes, well April they are Fabulous!!! YOU ROCK!!

Thank you for all you do for Autism Awareness!!!

Unknown said...

April if I was only 1/2 of you, I could do more, But I may even dye my hair blue for that day.....
I have my Luke Shirt, I have my Austism Speaks Hat, I have tons of pins, tons of bracelets. bumper stickers and so much more. I AM A AUTISM GRAMMIE AND SOMEONE I LOVE HAS AUTISM, 3 PEOPLE I LOVE TAKES CARE OF THE SOMEONE I LOVE WHO HAS AUTISM. All I know is, I support all that you do and all that others do to make this autism thing a thing of the past or at least understood.

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